Smart button or controls for in shower?

I am wondering if anyone has a good button or solution for in shower or bath use? I am looking for something simple with a few control options for things like turning on music and skipping tracks and such. Just a semi waterproof button with a few clicks I think would be ideal. Thanks

Hang this is shower, comes in many colors. Dry Bag


Or consider getting an amazon echo dot or google home mini and use voice commands.


I tried that, and I ruined a Mini. No matter what exhaust system you have there is enough humidity to play havoc on the Echo. Mine stopped working and I sent it back. I was told it voided the warranty do to moisture. I got it back and opened it up and it was a mess inside.

I use an Echo in the bathroom. So far, no issues. Do you live in a year-round humid environment like Oregon coast? Our bathroom gets humid with the exhaust fan on, but it’s less humid, for a shorter period of time than an August day. Can’t imagine being denied warranty coverage because of where I live.

My new home is very tightly sealed. We are in New Jersey not far from the ocean, and in a valley 125 foot below sea level, so yes it is damp. Plus the fan doesn’t remove the moisture, and the mirrors are always fogged after a shower. I have to install a larger fan.

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Is your phone waterproof? You could just leave it on the counter and Siri or Google your voice commands.

Also, if your outside moisture level is high, a bigger fan won’t help. What you probably need is a house-sized dehumidifier.

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Poetic license?

My hiTech/lowTech solution.

I use it to control the Sonos One in my bathroom. I play the volume relatively loud so I can hear the music/radio in the shower. The voice control is horrible because of the echo of my bathroom and I ended up disabling it. When Google gets activated on the Sonos One, I might try voice control again.

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I’ve never found voice commands in the shower to be a particularly enjoyable experience. No matter the device used they have a hard time hearing over running water. My deep voice probably doesn’t help either.

I’d probably just use a waterproof pouch and a smart button.

I use an Echo and do have issues when the volume is past 6. I typically set up what I want to listen to right before I enter the shower.

If I need to send a voice command, I typically start with, “Alexa, Volume 3”…

As far as moisture, the Fan does a descent job of pulling out the humidity. I use a Zooz 4 in 1 for the humidity sensor and a GE Switch for the Fan.

Shower is to the left of the tub.

you can waterproof it with something like Corrosion-X or WD40 but it will stink a bit

Kohler, Moen, etc. have digital interfaces for the shower. Could one of these be modified?

I use Echo Dot for this. We vent our bathroom pretty well… no issues so far, after months of use

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