Refurbishing the bathroom and need ideas to tell the electricians (UK)

I am mid way thorough a bathroom refurb, and now looking at electricians to wire it up and do a partial house rewire on the house.
so the question is do i get all the toys and ask him to fit or do i just get the basics installed and retro fit it later ?

any lighting ideas for bathrooms would be welcome pictures etc

Was looking at the smart switches glass , inside the bathroom, but outside Zone 2. but pull cord can be put back.
just signed up for webcore
so fit the dimmer in the lighting circuit and the relay in the fan circuit ?

i did look at those 6 in one sensors.

but its how many lights etc, mood and shaving if you get what i mean
don’t need a football stadium first thing and the wife when having a soak doesn’t either

has anyone got any pictures of there lights ?

Consider a Panasonic ventilation fan. Super quiet. Some have adjustable fan speeds (dc motor), down lights, night lights, and auto fan (setable RH).

At 110 CFM these things are hardly audible.
Some models are made to run 24-7 for air exchange.

I am also remodeling a bathroom and got this one: FV-0510VSCL1. I needed a low profile fan.

Oh, I also plan to install a recessed medicine cabinet and have an outlet installed in the cabinet so I can charge a shaver, toothbrush, etc.

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IMHO, the sensors needed in baths are:
Hardwired Humidity Sensor
Contact Sensor for Toilet Door
Super Fast Motion Sensor(s)

Goodies would be:
Speaker (Alexa or Google)
Automated Blinds
Shower Valve
Heat Lamp

i have just signed up o webCORE would you control all this via that ?

All but Alexa. webCoRE is what I mostly use…SmartLighting for simple stuff.

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getting ahead of myself here, but do you have Bluetooth speakers in the bathroom for the alexa/google ?

See this recent thread on the same topic:

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been reading all i can, was just wondering if people had pictures, because as they say it paints a thousands words
off to read again

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Of course!

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ahh sensor above the bath area, then a little shelf for the echo. mmm thanks plans are forming
however in the uk i can’t get the plug within 600mm of a water source, but i have space :wink:

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i have the old boiler cupboard with a lighting feed in it, or could run a USB plug in the loft and mount a usb socket somewhere. low voltage so should be fine i reckon.

If buying and burying a USB extension cable then buy a really high spec cable. Most of the ones on Amazon are crap and have tiny amounts of copper so only work for a short time before dying or charging too slow to be useable.

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yeah understood. would probably put it in a void of conduit so i can swap if needed. but point taken.

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The Bluetooth volume control I mention in the other thread has USB power and that is what powers my Dot. It doesn’t stay powered when you turn off the volume control though, but no biggie.

If you ever expect to run wires later to a certain spot then I suggest running a PVC pipe in the wall to make life easy to fish wires.

we have recessed lighting behind the mirrors and below the floating cabinet on a motion sensor. So outlet receptacle placement is key. Also we have in ceiling speakers so wiring those before drywall was a breeze! The floor heater before floor is also important but the smart switch is easy retrofit. There are outlets in the big cabinets as well for charging. the vanity has 2 dedicated 20 amp for the blow dryer and curling iron lol.

Up north we did leds in the onyx and a tv behind the mirror it looks pretty cool from the shower.



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is that a tv in the mirror ?

yes, it looks small in the picture but it’s like 32 or something. big enough to watch from the shower for sure. It’s behind the mirror for reference.

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