Waterproof Controller/Buttons?

So my ultimate goal is to put a waterproof speaker above my shower and use it to listen to music from Alexa. I have that part figured out but need help with the control part. I have researched waterproof touchscreen TVs that support android so that I can put the alexa app on them. Seems to be a no-go. I have researched touchscreen media controllers that are waterproof and can act as an alexa remote but can’t find anything. My last option is to find a waterproof “panel” that I can install on the shower wall and map the buttons to control the media functions on alexa, possibly through IFTTT, who knows. First and foremost I need to find out if there is even something that’s waterproof and has multiple buttons that I can put on a wall. Is there anything out there that anyone knows about or even has other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

what i do for controllers in the garage, outside and bathroom is put them in a ziploc bag.

I definitely thought about that but after paying over a grand to install a smart shower controller, I don’t really want to hand a plastic bag in there. I’d love to have an led touch display that I can use.

There are some waterproof tablet covers that are specifically designed for shower mounting, I would think one of those would work.

I’m sure there are similar ones for android tablets, but you will have to look by the specific model since they have different dimensions. Maybe look for one for a fire tablet to simplify the Alexa integration.

There are also some designed to work for a phone:

So the point is you don’t look for a waterproof device, you just look for a waterproof case. :sunglasses::umbrella:

I like that idea but I want something that I can permanently mount so that I can have it hooked to a power source. I’m about to completely remodel my shower and will be spending a good bit of money. I don’t want to drop 3 grand on a tv but i would be willing to spend a few hundred ti get something that’s worth of the other home automation equipment that will be in there?

I would still go with a good tablet in a nice waterproof touch sensitive case, just have your contractor figure out how to run a power cord to it. It will look nice and have a lot of functionality.

A friend of mine who has a Moen Smart shower said it came with an integrated wall controller for the shower. And since it works with Alexa he just put an echo dot on the ceiling of the bathroom outside of the shower enclosure. So he uses voice to the dot for any home automation or if he wants to voice control the shower, and he uses the integrated controller for times when he prefers that. :sunglasses: