Bulb help - confusing

Hi can someone offer some advice please I’m new to all this and it’s kinda confusing.

I want to know what smart bulbs work direct with the Samsung smart hub there are lots of manufactures some require other devices and some don’t I’m not sure what to start with.

If I can I want all the devices to work direct with the hub.

There are Phillips hue, hive, innr etc will they all work or can someone send me in the right direction. I want a simple e27 bulb for a lamp.

On the list to you see in the app, I believe Hue is the only one where it is recommended (or even works at all) that you use their Hub/bridge. All the others Connect direct to SmartThings. Either way has advantages and disadvantages.

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I’m guessing that since you mentioned hive and E27 you’re in the UK? If so, here is the official compatibility list for that region, which is different than the US.

Innr or Sengled Product descriptions may say they require their own Gateway, but you can use the smartthings hub instead. As @prjct92eh2 mentioned, for Hue you should use the hue bridge for the integration.

Another good option on the official list for the E27 are the IKEA Tradfri smart bulbs. These will work with either the hue bridge or directly with smartthings and are probably the least expensive bulbs you can get. :sunglasses: They are also good zigbee repeaters, And would probably be the ones I would look at first. The plug-in pocket socket in that line also works well with smartthings. The handheld remotes generally do not work with SmartThings. The other IKEA Tradfri smart bulbs which are not on the official list should still work fine.



Wonder why ikea is on the official list for the USA but not EU?

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Probably just still in the queue for most of the models. They are different testing locations. But I see the E 27 is on the official list for the UK region, so my bad. I have corrected my note above.


I see it dropping down to lighting and switches using @JDRoberts’ link