Smart Blinds for UK

Hi Everyone.

Has anyone had much success in the UK with getting smart blinds working with ST and Amazon Dot for voice control?

Basic requirements are below:

  1. Ability to up/down blinds
  2. Ability to open and close
  3. Control above via voice
  4. Schedule night/day per room/group of blinds


Second this

I do not believe there are any products that can control both the raise and lower and the open and close of Venetian blinds. There are people who have created things that will do open and close, work with Alexa and can be integrated with automation. I think if you search for esp8266 blinds you will find one. The esp8266 is an arduino wifi chip. I have done something similar with the esp8266 on homeassistant. Also if you can order particle photon: Automated Window Blinds - Spark Core

I ended up getting an RFX433e connected to a Raspberry Pi Running Domoticz to get the blinds integrated into SmartThings. My blinds were Somfy motors with pleated roof blinds, Alexa understands open and close commands and I have some automations configured when the temperature gets to high

We have multiple motorised roller blinds in our home. Using dooya motors, Fibaro Roller Shutter modules and MK momentary switches. Can operate/schedule them for open & close with smartthings & voice control via Amazon Echo.

Just about to convert a timberlux Venetian blind into a motorised version using somfy motor + kit & Qubino Flush shutter module - hopefully this will open & close + tilt. I’ve installed the device handler that seems to have this functionality.

We have motorised blinds working as you describe using a smonfy motor controlled by a qubino shutter controller (z-wave)

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I am using a Qubino Shutter DC module to control a DC blinds motor successfully from ST but integration with Alexa control is not quite right. I can speak On, Off and position% commands but Alexa does not recognise Open or Close. Yet I see some people are able to do that.

So, I am wondering if there is a difference between USA and UK platforms, maybe ST and/or Alexa?

I would appreciate learning what other UK users have found that works for windows.