Smart Apps missing out of flyout menu

Hi, my smartapps menu has dissappeared out of the flyout menu in the mobile app. When I go into rooms, select a thing and then go to SmartApps, it shows all the smart apps the device is connected to so everything seems to be working.

I recently added a new Device handler in the IDE and two smart apps associated with it. The Smart App is Generic Video camera which when I click on Marketplace it does show up under My Apps.

Do I have to be at home for the Smart Apps menu to show up?

Check out the “Automations” tab on the bottom menu. We’ve moved it to be next to Routines.


Yes, that one has caused a lot of confusion. There have been at least five threads on it already.

Look at the bottom of the screen. The checkmark icon used to be labeled “routines” now it is labeled “automations”.

When you click on that, you will see a screen that has two tabs, one for routines, and one for “smart apps.” That’s where you’ll now find Smartapps that you installed from the marketplace, including smart lighting automations. :sunglasses:


Thanks man, probably should have read the “what’s new” but yeah, I see it now.

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To be fair, I did search flyout in the forum and absolutely nothing comes up. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I don’t think smartthings has ever used the flyout term. They usually use “hamburger menu” which is really confusing to people who can’t see. Most of the community seems to use “pop-up menu” or “drop-down” menu. But it was discussed in the announcement threads for the new version. :wink:

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Hey @Tyler has there ever been discussion about doing a short 1 time presentation or something when you first open the app that says. Hey we changed this! Just for more commonly used items like this here. I have seen it in other apps when they do something major. It’s easily dismissed or easy to click the yeah I got it on last page.


Yup! I just talked to someone about this today.


The Material Design (Google) terminology is “Side Nav” (though I think that may only apply if it is on the correct side… ie, the left). If I recall accurately, “Right Nav” would thus apply here.

Yeah, that’s Google. :wink:

Independent standards bodies such as W3C do use flyout.

So does Adobe:

But whatever works. :sunglasses:

My quick “goto” CSS reference ( refers to Sidenav

I guess the “proper” term would depend upon whether or not SmartThings was “Material Design compliant”. Whether officially or unofficially, I would say that claiming compliance would mean that you use the Material Design terminology throughout, including in user communications.

But the current App is a hybrid of iOS and Material design conventions.

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W3Schools is a helpful for profit site (supported by advertising), but not an independent standards body.

From their About section

The site derives its name from the World Wide Web (W3), but is not affiliated with the W3C.

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