Smart Apps missing

Smart Apps missing with new update. Where did the smart apps link move to? All I have is link for notifications and for the hub.

Go to where routines are, notice it’s now called automations. They moved them into there.


Thanks, is there a list of changes somewhere or do we just discover them as we go.

I know there’s probably a list, on developer’s blog, or something like that. I’ve just been discovering as I go, ask questions for clues when I can’t find the path, ect… I Tend to do that alot with smartthings.

There is this topic:

I don’t mind change. I HATE the I have to hunt and peck to find them. What I hate even more it that with every update things stop working. Light turning on and routines firing for no apparent reason. Indicators on the app use to show status now its just an empty box. Once again one step forward…

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