Smart App node js SDK imageSetting issue

Hi guys,

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because as a newbie I can only write two links per post, in this question <SOME_LINK> =

I am using the Smart App node js SDK to build a Smart App that requires to display an image in one of the settings.

I am trying to create the image setting in this way inside a section definition:


But the imageSetting does not compile to valid image setting configuration as describe here:

In place of a valid image setting in the generated page I am getting this JSON:

“id”: “<SOME_LINK>”,
“required”: false,
“type”: “IMAGE”,
“name”: “pages.setupPage.settings.<SOME_LINK>.name”,
“description”: “pages.setupPage.settings.<SOME_LINK>.description”

It is not a valid image setting because it lacks the properties “height”, “width” and “image”.
Also the ImageSetting js class does not has methods to define these extra properties.

I think this is a bug in the SDK.
Has anyone faced this problem before?
If yes, how do you solved it?


Not something I’ve played with but wouldn’t something like


be involved at some point?


You are right,
I missed that option, I have added a call to image method and everything works fine now.
Thank you.

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