Settings values to settings from the smartapp

I wrote a smartapp which uses the REST API to communicate with a web server. I would like to share some of the configuration between my web app and the smartApp meaning that it can be configured from both ends. I guess I can solve it by using href which means all the configuration will be in my web app, but is there any other way to implement it?
the problem is that I couldn’t find any way to set settings variables apart from through the GUI.
If I change a setting value in my smartApp, the user doesn’t see the change and in the next event the value is back to what was set by the GUI.
So back to my case, if you set a value through my web app and then it will be set in the SmartApp, there is no way the user will be able to see this value.
Has anyone found any work around?

I have this same issue. I have settings which should only be in a certain range. So my code validates it and if it is set too high or low it sets the highest or lowest value respectively. The problem is the code can’t change the parameter. So the user interface still shows the incorrect value.

I have another device which I wanted to add a button “Reset Parameters to Default” but again I can’t change the parameters in the code.

I can’t find my post about this. Pretty bad when you can’t even find your own posts. But I never received any solution to this.

Things got even worse now.
I’ve tryed to implement the href. Since it doesn’t have the look and feel of the smartApp, I wanted it to have the look and feel of my web app. My web app is build with ionic framework and Angular-js. I’ve created a page to be rached from the smartApp, I checked that the page is rendered correctly from different browsers including the one on my phone, but when trying to reach the page fro the href in the smartapp, it gets stuck somewere and displays a black window. I have no idea how to debug it and understand what is broken. I guess it has something to do with the ionic, but that means that iether I give up on a single look and feel or I have to rewrite my web app.
Any idea how to proceed?