Smart alarm working for others yes or no?

I’ve searched the forums and came up with nothing. Am I the only one that is having problems with smart alarm not working?

Depends on the exact problems you’re seeing, but it’s likely due to the loss of state problem:

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Patrick (SmartThings)
Jul 27, 11:13 AM MST

Hi Richy,

Thanks for reaching out! I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience with Smart Alarm not performing as expected. It is true that the app has been certified to be supported by SmartThings, but we are in the process of deprecating that particular SmartApp and will soon remove it from the marketplace. The app was created by a community developer, and he is no longer supporting or maintaining the app. You can read more about this decision here:

I hear you loud and clear about the delay function, and it is a feature that we have included within the routines with the presence settings. I would be happy to add this as a feature request for entry and exit devices such as open/close sensors for our developers to review. You may be able to get the same functionality with the CoRE SmartApp. We don’t officially support this app and can’t guarantee that it will work as expected, but it may be a good interim solution until (if) we provide a similar offering.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Best regards,

Jul 26, 6:36 PM MST

The smart alarm stopped working for me. This app is in the market place. When I change my routine to alarm stay the smart alarm will not change to arm. This has been going on for over a week. Every day I re-install it and try it with no luck. Right know I am using SHM. I would like to keep using smart alarm because of the exit and entry delay.

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