Smart alarm stopped working

Just recently My smart alarm stopped working anyone else having this problem? I uninstalled it reinstalled and still the same. When I change my routine to away it should arm but nothing is working. I don’t get how could something work for a year and out of the blue stop working when nothing has changed this smartthings is almost not worth the hassle only problem is I have thousands invested. Any help would be appreciated.

How do you know nothing has changed? The developer of smart alarm stopped supporting it a while ago, so it’s possible it’s just a matter of time before updates to the platform render smart alarm unusable. That’d be a shame since it’s a very nice app, has some features that the built-in smart home monitor still can’t do.


I am experiencing a similar issue. It seems like there is an issue with the app not identifying mode changes. A hub restart was suggested… I will be trying that to see if it helps.

Thanks for the response, that’s exactly what mine is doing. I’m restarting the hub now.

That didn’t work. If anyone reads this post and figures it out can you please post the fix.

Try this -> open the Smart alarm smart app and then just briwse through options and click “Done”. This will update the app. Then arm the alarm to away, stay and then disarm… That should hold the state.

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Possibly a side effect of this?

What does this mean?


Maybe an email should be sent to everyone who has smart alarm installed to let them know that they may have to do whatever remedial step is required to get it working again, since it looks like recent platform changes may have broken it. (See the posts upthread.)

It seems particularly concerning that a smartapp specifically for security might stop working and people might not know it.

Just a thought-- you may already be doing this. :sunglasses: