Looking for help for Z-Wave alarm / signal: DLINK DCH-Z510

Hello everyone,

I am just getting started with Smartthings and I am trying to include the alarm / signal device DLINK DCH-Z510 (http://www.dlink.com/dk/da/home-solutions/mydlink-home/smart-plugs/dch-z510-mydlink-home-siren)

It is recognized as an Aeon Siren and works fine regarding the strobe and alarm, however it has some optional sounds I would like to utilize.

From the manual:
Play Sound
Using the SWITCH_BINARY_SET to play the siren, 0xFF will play the emergency sound, 0x00 will stop to play.

The device also supports to receive the NOTIFICATION_REPORT to play the different sound.
Notification Type...........Event.........Sound Smoke Alarm (0x01) .........Any...........Fire Alert Access Control (0x06).......0x16..........Door Chime Home Security (0x07)........Any...........Emergency Emergency Alarm (0x0A)......0x01..........Police Car Sound Emergency Alarm (0x0A)......0x02..........Fire Alert Emergency Alarm (0x0A)......0x03..........Ambulance Sound
So I already saw that secure(zwave.basicV1.basicSet(value: 0xFF)) will perform the “SWITCH_BINARY_SET”, but how do I send the notification report to play a door chime sound?

Thank you very much for your help =)

Ok this was easy when you grasp the basic concepts :slight_smile: The code below will play the door chime.

def on() {
	log.debug "sending on"
		secure(zwave.notificationV3.notificationReport(event: 0x16, notificationType: 0x06))

I wish i had seen this earlier, if i had known that the Dlink was a re-badged Phileo PSE02 Siren, you would have saved me a lot of time.

I have created a device type based on my Zipato/Phileo Device Type, this will allow you to use the sound commands in the Expert Features of Rules Machine and be triggered as part of a rule. I am triggering mine when my doorbell button is pressed.

Hi Stuart,

thank you so much for your reply and pointing me to your custom device type - I am already using the Rule Engine and will gladly use your code!

Kind regards,

hi guys i have this siren this is found by my device and works as aeon siren also i have added the device controller from the link above and it shows on my device however i cant get it to connect to the siren !!! please help is there a walk though how to add this to my system ?

Hi Malte

Sorry for the direct question, but how do I use that code of yours, is this something I need to via the device in the ST web client or can this be done on the ST iphone app.

New to ST so trying to navigate to the right places




Did you manage to get this to work as I am exactly in the same boat. I tried the ‘code’ but when I try to do a test I do not hear any sound. When I set it back to Aeon siren it works fine but I would also like other ‘sounds’ as well


Guys @chrisyd @andrew_newton @Nifty190, the following link has the answers you required. Just work through the 43 posts.

Thread: Compatible Sirens

Thanks ed I’m actually about to look at getting door chime to work is there a code available??

Just a quick update, there is now an author’s thread available for the custom device type handler for this device: