Platform Update - Release Notes - 07/20/16

  • Fix AtomicState converting all values to String
  • SHM clip generation improvements
  • Improvements for adding child devices to SmartApps
  • Fixes for mode changes on automatic routine executions
  • Fixes for failed executions on child devices from a parent SmartApp
  • Fix for scheduling delay issue

By fixes for debug and trace messages, do you mean:

a) missing lines when too many logs are being generated during one run
b) missing/silent errors that stop execution of the script but generate no logs whatsoever (including trying to store an Event, Device, etc. into a state variable?)

Thank you!

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For this logging issue it (the bug) actually never made it into production. But I am following up on the ones you metnioned.


Thank you :wink:

This is what I have been seeing all day today --> Some smart apps are detecting device events even though the device itself has no event . For example my SmartAlarm app goes on sending Alarm at front door, when the door was not even opened and thats is what the logs of the device show. Is this related? Support ticket is already open. Not sure if others are seeing this too. See Snapshots.

Seems to be happening on some devices only.


Same here… I’ve been getting “Alarm notification: Partition Home armed away” all day

I got a false alert on a motion sensor as well, it’s a motion sensor that never false triggers, mainly due to its location (no sun, no large temperature differentials, etc).

What happens if you reboot the hub/device?

It dismissed and seems to have only been a one time trigger, but I’m guessing due to the other responses in the thread, this platform update or something associated with it, triggered a lot of false alerts for people.

I shall capture some before after logs to see if there is any difference before and after hub reboot.


Funny…I never had this problem until you “fixed” it. Now it’s happened two days in a row on different devices (using the official Smart Lighting app no less).

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Smart Lighting doesn’t have child devices. This is a separate issue, please report it to support.

What happened?

I’m also getting Alarm notifications when SHM is in Stay or Away mode and there is no one there…