Smart Alarm and virtual button device with two buttons?


I want to use the app Smart Alarm.
And for the remote controller I want to use a switch.
However, the app only accepts button as a remote controller.
So I would like to create a virtual controller with 2 buttons.
When the switch is on, button 1 will be pressed , when the switch is off button 2 will be pressed.

Now 2 questions:

How can I create a button device with 2 buttons ?
With which app can I bind the switch to the buttons ?
(Rule machine , CoRE ?)

there is a “simulated minimote” device type.
So I can use this as the multi-button device.

question 1 OK.

what about question 2 ?
How can I virtually press button 1 and 2 when switch is on and off ?

Ok. CoRE can do this.
It is under “any actions”