Smart air vents

Great video. I have 25 vents in my house and I have 5 econet vents. The other 20 are wide open so even if all 5 of mine are closed its not an issue. Keen vents address this with pressure gauges on the vents which is also a good idea.

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Mine are 12x12 vents, about 8 yrs old. Looking at Home Depot, this looks like the current version (number of screw holes is the only noticeable difference).

Indeed Kenny, if you only use full on or full off the stock driver is probably fine.

My application uses different open %, and the stock driver isn’t updating after setLevel commands.

That said, I doubt that your icons are changing between full on and full off - the color changes, but it still says On, I suspect. My driver fixes this also.

But, hey - If you are happy, who am I?

Mine say open and closed correctly.

Probably due to your using just off/on commands instead of setLevel percentages.

Or perhaps the actual SmartDevice driver published by ST is different from the source code template in the IDE.

In any event, I heard from Econet last night that my edits were being evaluated for inclusion in a future update.

That is great to hear.

We have added the 12x12 for consideration later this year. Thanks for the link.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Any update on EV200 availability? I looked on the website and couldn’t find anything for the EV200.

As you may have seen from the videos posted on our EcoNetControls site, we have working units, but it is going to be another few weeks while we tweak the firmware and deal with certifications and approvals. Sorry for the delay. The EV200 4x10 in a few weeks to be followed by the 6x10, and so on from there with a new size about every 2-3 months.

Thanks Blake. Any chance you guys can add something to your website to get on a mailing list or receive a notice when availability hits?

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Hmm, good idea. I will look into adding mailing list option to our site. In the mean time I will post related updates here (SmartThings Community) and through our twitter account


Are these vents now working with ST??

I wanted to update my Econet experience as I went through all of last winter (they only make sense for me on the top floor of my house with heat) and now a few weeks with them turned on again.

So as I have previously stated, I have 5 Econet 100s. 4 of them had bad motors and I have to say the Econet customer service was amazing, and overnighted me 4 replacements. The fact that 4 of the motors were bad is not a great testimonial, but they made it right, fast, I was impressed.

Fast forward to today, I am having problems keeping ST devices (i have 150) connected so I went through every device today to make sure everything was working. Long story short, one of my 5 Econet 100s is receiving a command from the ST hub and trying to open and close (you see a green or red LED for open and close respectively) but the motor is totally fried, at least it does nothing, even using the manual button.

I can’t really justify something where 5 of the 9 units I have bought failed in some way. The nice thing is I have been waiting for these Keen vents since I heard about them maybe a year ago. I finally saw them in Lowes and tried to pick one up. The first Lowes said they had a bunch, but couldn’t find them. I went to another nearby Lowes and they had all the sizes except for the 6x10s I need. The computer said they had 2 of them, but they couldn’t find them either.

Bottom line, the guy at Lowes let me open one of the boxes up to take a look and WOW. This thing is well made. I am directly comparing it to the Econet, and basically there is no comparison. The Keen vent was solid, its heavy, it feels well made. This contrasts with the Econet which feels very cheap, the motor is weak and even the wires leading to the unit are tiny. I wish wish wish I could have found one and given a full review, but the guy at Lowes took my number and tells me he will call me when he finds them.

Stay tuned…


It’s not too late to order the Keen Home vents with $40 discount…

See this thread:

P.S. I’ve just installed them and they work great with the smartapps that I’ve developed.


Fingers crossed my ecovent system should be arriving to me in December!! Super stoked!!

Quick update as I was able to get my hands on 3 Keen Smart Vents from Lowes. They are scarce, but I got 2 6x10 units and 1 4x10 from two different stores. I have been using them for a couple of days and really like them, but will post my impressions after Ive used for a week or so. I have no hub and was able to connect to ST very easily.

The one thing I can say for sure is, make sure you have an external temperature gauge. I live by my Everspring units. For the reason why, see my screenshot. I heard all sorts of talk from Keen that they had managed to isolate the internal gauge from the heat from the vent. In my experience this is not even close to true. The only thing the internal temp gauge could possibly be good for is telling you whether or not the heat is on in your house. I have an Everspring in every room, and this solves the problem completely, but be warned, the temp gauge is useless when the heat is on. See pic.

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Hello @krv,

This topic (and more) has been discussed under the following thread:


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It’s getting closer to the holidays, which means my ecovent system should be coming soon!!! It’s be hard waiting 13 months for this baby!!

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Anyone building a baseboard vent, very popular in the cold Buffalo area?

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