Smart Air Freshener

Hi, I´m working in a smart air freshener, if you like a good fragrance in home, this could interest you, In home I have tested all kind of freshener, plug freshener, spray motion detectors, timer spray, and manual spray. I don´t like the batteries devices because I don´t know when batteries go out or the bottle run out, I like the plug in device because no need batteries even I can connected it into a smartplug to turned on and off, but I cant control the intensity remotely

Then arrive to home a spray dispenser who looks like a vase and coordinates with the decor

This dispenser have a big spray 240ml bottle that means no need to change it so frequently.

This is a timer dispenser at 36 minutes must to last 60 days according to Glade (last up to 60 days*.
*Based on 36-minute setting) then this bottle must to have 2400 sprays

I have made some test and I can increase the major time from 36 minutes to 240 minutes, I need more research to turn on the device and no timer active, but now this mean 6 uncontrollable sprays per day.

Now I can monitor batteries and alert a low battery, fire manual spray , count spray events and alert when almost reach 2400, set delay to next spray, and set intensity for each delay reach, turn on and off (the smartthings control not the 6 times per day internal timer for now)

You can move it anywhere because works with the same batteries and no need plug it,

All this can be controlled by smartthings, the capatilities are Momentary, Switch, Switch Level, Battery, Actuator

This works without SmartApp, but with a smartApp you can use events to trigger the dispenser,


Spray when a door opens, when some one arrives, when motion detected, when knocks the door, etc

I´m going to work with this and publish it when I can to tun it on an off without the internal timer running.

This can be used to irrigation device and many devices with batteries, I´m working in other implementations


How are you interfacing with the Freshener?

Also here is whats coming out. Smart Air Freshener

Hi @celblazer, the Febreze looks great, I want one when they released , there are other calls pura scents

I think the Febreze its wifi,I hope it can be linked to smarthings to use the sensors.