Device Type - SOAP - Poll status process? Timer?

Hey Everyone,

I have been working on integrating my Irrigation system (etherRain) into SmartThings for specific use case scenarios. (testing specific zones, and running full cycle outside of scheduler). Wont lie, using “Smart Sprinkler System” as a general concept/starting point, and am overhauling for my needs. (ie. don’t need scheduler, purely adhoc executions).

I have most of this working the way that I want, but am running into an interesting roadblock. I am trying to figure out how to update the tiles based on a timer (i.e. "after 5 min, change the state of this icon, after 8 min then change the state on the next icon) OR to continually re-query (i.e. every 1 minute) the status of all 8 zones. (Running, pending, etc).

Has anyone tried to do something like this before? Any samples floating around?


I also have an etherRain and I’m very interested in your progress and would love to see your code.


Send me a PM. Ill discuss with you, if your interested in assisting. Otherwise, I would need a bit more time. Your not the only one waiting :smile:

Still unsure about how to approach this need…

I figure one last attempt at find out out some kind of answer to this question. Anyone?