Smarlife (Tuya) app and Smarthing integration in Canada?

Is the Smart life app is no longer supported by SmartThings? I do not see smart life or tuya in the Supported Brands list in smart hing.

Both are there for me if I go to add a device and then search “by brand.”

I believe Both are only partial integrations, though. Not all devices or all features are exposed to the integration. :thinking: so if you are looking in the smart life app, only some devices will show smartthings as an integration option.

On my phone neither Tuya nor Smarlife is showing up. It seems that the latest smarthing app update has removed these two.

My app is up to date. :thinking:

Are you on iOS or android? And what region are you in? I’m in the US, using iOS.

I am on Android, I am in canada

I just checked, both the SmartLife and Tuya integration are still available in the US using an Android 13 phone.

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still in the uk too

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OK, maybe it’s specific to the Canadian region, then. I modified the thread title, at least for now, to see if we can get any verification one way or another from other Canadian members.

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even on the website , SmartThings integration is no longer being mentioned. Only Alexa , google home and IFTTT

I’m in Canada (Ontario).

I have Smartlife and Tuya in my SmartThings app

Thanks everyone for your reply.

Not sure why Tuya or smarlife apps are not showing up under the Supported devices list section but if I go and add the device manually then select by Brand then under here smarlife and tuya apps are there. All good now. Once again thanks :slight_smile:

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It just looked under supported devices for the first time and SmartLife and Tuya are not listed in the US either.

I always use add a device by brand and SmartLife and Tuya have been listed in the US for a couple years. Strange, but this is ST.

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