Smallest Z-Wave/Zigbee wall-wart that reads wattage

Preferably an outlet that has the connection to the appliance on the bottom to save space.

Got any good ones?

@TheSmartestHouse has ones from Dome/Zooz which are small. Tagging them for input.


You can use the Dome plug:

Another good option is the Fibaro plug which also reports energy for the USB port:

OR install the Qubino 1 Relay behind your receptacle (you’ll just need to make sure that nothing beyond 10A is powered into that outlet):

This is the equivalent of installing a wall switch that only supports 10 amp on a 15 amp circuit.

You can install it behind an outlet in many parts of Europe, but in most places in the US safety code that will require that everything along the circuit be able to support the circuit amperage. Installing a max 10A relay behind what should be a 15 amp outlet may also void your homeowners insurance if it is a code violation in your area. So I definitely wouldn’t do this unless you’ve checked your local safety codes first. :scream:


Thanks for pointing this out @JDRoberts, we’ll bring this to Qubino’s attention so they can revise the application for this product. But wouldn’t that apply to wall switches as well? The Aeotec Nano dimmers are rated for 1.2A only… Unless this applies to switches that control receptacles only?

Yes, only for receptacles, thanks for the clarification. In the US, residential code generally requires that in wall receptacles be at least 15A, but that does not apply to light switches, which can be lower.