Small tilt sensor (3-axis)

Looking to make a small “mood cube”. The Samsung MultiSensor is physically too big for what I have in mind. Are there smaller 3-axis tilt sensors that work with ST? NYCE has a truely tiny sensor, but it seems to be 2-axis. As an alternative to finding a small 3-axis, would it be reasonably possible (for a noob) to combine two 2-axis sensors? TIA.

Here are the dimensions of both.

1.26" x 1.18" x 0.39

ST MP Sensor
1.90" x 1.04" x 0.6

It’s not all that much smaller with exception to length considering 3 axis versus 2.


That’s smaller than I thought, so thanks for that. The pennies help! I haven’t settled on a design/size, so if there are smaller options available, I’d still be interested, especially since with a cube, obviously the longest dimension is the limiting factor.


Anything smaller than a Rubik’s cube should work out nicely. You don’t want your cube too small :grinning:

This one is 2 inches square so I’m thinking the ST one would fit just fine:

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