Question on SmartThings multi sensor

(Chris) #1

I just bought this guy…

The description says that it can do orientation and angle, as well as vibration, contact, and temp. I see vibration (active/inactive), contact, and temp when I view the device on the ST app, but I am not seeing orientation or angle. What am I missing?


You just need a smartapp that takes advantage of the capability.threeaxis

There are several you can take a look at, including mood cube and a couple of the security ones and tilt sensor ones.

(John) #3

It also reports x, y. and z (as JD said). Look in the IDE.

(Chris) #4

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


The Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor orientation works. I use the Mood Cube smart app to control 6 different orientations of mood lighting.

If you use the SmartThings App for a Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor and look at the Recently log you will see a sequence of changing digits like
This is for my French Doors Open and Closed

I have no idea what the digits refer to but the smart apps work.

(Jordon) #6

You can also use it for a “mood cube” pretty cool to show guests.
Little side note xiaomi also makes a cube with a little different features but a fraction of the price.