Flash and ST Dev Calls

(Jody) #1

Are there any plans to move to a different meetup platform that A. does not require flash and B. will run entirely on web standards. As of this week most browsers are beginning to dump flash and bluejeans does not work very well in chrome on Linux.


It used to be on Hangouts I think. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better system?

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #3

Hangouts on air is what I’ve been using for the live coding.

The nice thing is chat is built in, recording is default and you can give out a stream url to watch and only invite guests to participate. The limit is 8 or maybe now 12.

I don’t think it uses flash at all anymore and has some really good plugins for controlling the on air folks.

But for all to be allowed to participate, not much out there for larger audiences… Some of the gotomeeting / cisco stuff does work, but gets insanely expensive.

(Jody) #4

Hangouts on air can have 10 speakers and unlimited viewers so for all to participate you would need a moderator to take text questions or bring people into the hangout as a speaker and then remove them after their question.

(Ben Edwards) #5

I use the desktop app and it works pretty well. No plans to switch right now. We don’t have the time to rollout a new system as we use it across the whole org and pay a lot for it. I will however give them feedback to stop sucking.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #6

Yeah. Stop sucking. Or at least suck less then you do. Something dyson probably never hears.

(Jody) #7

The video and audio don’t really suck. It’s the install requirements. It needs flash and 3 different plugins to be enabled on firefox. It does not work at all with chrome on linux. I have a windows laptop but my mic and webcam are all set up on my desktop which runs Ubuntu 24/7. If they could just limit the installs to chrome/firefox plugins that would be great.

(Ben Edwards) #8

They claim browser plugins that work in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and above (64-bit only).

(Jody) #9

They do work but only in Firefox. The Chrome plugin only works on Windows. I sent an email about the Chrome on Ubuntu. They also use flash which is blocked in the latest Chrome and Firefox.

It clearly has not prevented me from attending the Dev calls.it’s just sub-optimal. The only reason I brought it up at this point is the new flash blocking issue which only began last week.

(Ben Edwards) #10

You just want us to send you a macbook. I get it.

(Jody) #11

I finally get to mark a thread I started as resolved. Thanks @Ben. All kidding aside, I have given BlueJeans high marks on some of the post session ratings. I just want them to fix the flash issue, because the less adventurous are not going to click past the blocked plugin warning with a giant red x that exclaims “We have disabled this flash element for your saftey” warning.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #12


This looks very interesting for multiple people and livestreaming video out. It’s all cloud based, everyone streams their cameras to the cloud and the audience can watch or participate.

I haven’t used it yet, but might be an interesting option as the dev calls expand.

(Tim Slagle) #13

well there’s your problem :wink: