UK Doorbell - Without ongoing subscription

(Chris Simpson) #1

Does anyone know of a video doorbell available in the UK that has the following features? : -

HD Video recording (preferably to cloud)
No requirement for an ongoing subscription (ala ‘Ring’ and ‘Ring Pro’)

I have seen the Skybell HD which I liked the look of but it doesn’t appear available in the uk.

(Rui Soares) #2

The SkyBell is available at

I really much enjoy it but it’s only mains powered… And i don’t have mains to the door frame :frowning:

(Chris Simpson) #3

Skybell has no HD recording. Skybell HD isn’t available on Amazon UK.


I really like my Doorbird D101. It does have cloud video for a subscription (otherwise free gives you still images on door press or motion only), but it allows the video to be streamed via http so if you have a server or NAS capable, you can pull the feed into something like In theory it should work with a custom Smartthings device handler for video, so you might be able to trigger your own video capture events via the Smartthings hub?

Most importantly the connection can be via PoE so the response time and connection stability is rock solid.

The API is also quite simple to link to an IFTTT maker applet to handle door press events, etc.

(Robin) #5

I went for seperate devices… I’m not much of a fan of the combined stuff (TV / VHS anyone?)

HD IP camera hooked up to blue Iris.
Regular wired push button doorbell hooked up to a Fibaro door / window sensor.
ZWave siren

All of the above can be integrated nicely and if a part breaks I don’t need to replace the lot!

(Chris Simpson) #6

Robin, this sounds interesting, but you might have just broken my brain :wink:

Any chance you could offer a little more detail? I’m still a novice and unsure what I would need. Could you link any products and explain how they fit together?

When you say IP Camera, does that mean that I need a cable to it or can I get a wifi one?
How does the camera know to record when the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected at the door? And can it only do so when SHM is set to 'armed?

Thank you.

(Robin) #7

Take a regular doorbell sounder (battery or otherwise (maybe just your existing setup) and wire to a contact sensor via a dumb relay:

Image stolen from @johnconstantelo

I used the Fibaro Door and Window sensor as it has the wired (dry contact) input terminals but Aeon also do a dry contact sensor and there is always the MIMOlite which can take a wet input (so no need for the dumb relay in the middle).

In regards to the camera, you could use wired or wireless. Blue Iris is a software package for PC, it integrates with ST via the ‘Blue Iris Fusion’ app.

(Robin) #8

(Chris Simpson) #9

Thanks for the explanation. I think Blue Iris is not for me… I don’t have a computer that I can / wish to leave running constantly. I think I need a cloud based setup.