Siri to Control SmartThings - maybe!?

Anyone trying this out at all?

GoogolPlex - essentially setting up a proxy to route some traffic through them. But - looks like they have Hue working where you can say “Googolplex, turn on all lights.” - etc.

Would be pretty sweet if I could tell my phone to unlock my front door etc.

Haven’t tried it yet, but it is pretty simple.

You create a SmartApp with your endpoint to do some function (ie: turn on desk lamp). I already have a php script running on my server that calls this endpoint passing parameters for the device and what to do.

You would then create a GoogolPlex command for “Turn on Desk Lamp” and in the JavaScript code you can put:


Should be pretty much that easy. I’ll let you know if I get around to trying it.

Please do let me know if you get it working!

Would be sweet!

Ditto what Eric said!!

I got this to work pretty easily in a couple of minutes using the endpoint example, I can now toggle my switches/locks with Siri!

Time to share some code!!! :slight_smile:

This would be an awesome feature and all, but I don’t know how comfortable anyone should be sending all of their traffic through, especially when there is no SSL cert installed on their web server. I think it’s time for Apple to open up the Siri API :slight_smile:

Looks good at first but I do have some security concerns plus I have a feeling Apple probably will not be too happy about it long term as they locked out the original Siri Proxy Service a while back. Its exploiting a Man in The Middle attack but they do say on their blog post that their servers only process data prefaced with the googolplex voice command.

It’s a hack for sure and looks cool but I wouldn’t want to build any reliance on it.

+1 on Apple integrating Siri with third part apps as soon as possible!

A workaround I currently have setup on my iPhone is using the Endpoint Example combined with virtual on/off switches that fire off smartapps. I opened the URLs in Safari on my iPhone and added shortcuts to my homescreen. Now I can start certain smartapps to dim my lights by just opening the shortcut and not having to go into the SmartThings app to run the SmartApp. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Siri can open the web clip shortcuts though.

I’m using UBI to do some voice control right now. It works pretty well directly connected to SmartThings (UBI’s SmartThings support is in Beta), or using it to hit endpoints.

The big downside right now is two fold:

  1. Setup. Right now you can’t include any variables in UBI’s commands with SmartThings. Theoretically you can assign some variables in UBI with other things, but not with SmartThings right now. When means to setup a command to turn on and off my Kitchen light I need to setup two custom utterances. “Turn off Kitchen Light” to turn it off. And “Turn on Kitchen Light” to turn it on. Then I have to setup two more to turn on/off the Dinning Room light. Then two more for each other device I want to control.

In a perfect world I’d setup one custom utterance: “Turn %var1 %var2” Variable 1 would listen for on or off and know what command to set to SmartThings. Variable 2 would be a device nickname that would let UBI know which device in my SmartThings to send the on or off command to.

  1. UBI isn’t perfect. Ubi doesn’t always understand me… especially if I’m not facing it. It seems to do better with ‘canned’ utterances (What’s the weather? Play [insert song].) but struggles with some of the custom utterances I’ve setup. In particular, and troubling… it seems to have problems determining on vs. off. It could well be my speech… maybe others don’t have a problem with it. But I’ve started looking at just changing some of my commands from “turn on Kitchen Light” to simple saying: “Kitchen”… and having this toggle the light.

Hoping iOS 8 would re-invent Siri, for real this time.

There is a trick to use Siri to open the web shortcuts generated by the Endpoint Example. This is an example of what I’m doing.

Create a contact - I call my contact “Smarthome Shortcuts”. Then scroll down to the “add URL” section. Name the URL to your liking - example: Turn off bedroom lights. You can create as many URL shortcuts that you want. Now, save the contact, hold the home button down to activate Siri, and say “Smarthome Shortcuts”. Siri will show the list of all the URL shortcuts you made, tap the shortcut - Safari will open the shortcut and perform the action - in this example: the bedroom lights will turn off.