Chimes missing dome siren smartapp with zooz siren

Installed dome siren app but the chimes won’t play?

From your other post:

Did you go into the device’s Preferences (and tap on Done) to make sure all the settings are right?

When you say “chimes missing”, do you mean that the mobile app’s device doesn’t show the tiles like this:

The tiles are there, but the chimes tiles won’t play anything

Ok, let’s IM a friend… @krlaframboise, any ideas?

Do the bell or siren tiles work?

Sirens Only

Did you install the handler before adding the device to SmartThings?

Yep sure did

Is it a limitation with the siren

Try the Zooz Smart Chime DTH.

Each sound doesn’t have a tile so you have to specify the sound number (1-10) in the settings. That DTH also works with SHM, but you need to select it as a light/switch and use the dimming level to determine which sound to play. (10 = sound 1, 20 = sound 2, etc.)

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Is there a custom SmartApp to allow it to work with a button as a door chime?

There are 10 chimes you can play and the Zooz DTH has each sound mapped to a light level which should allow you to play chimes using Smart Lighting or button controller.

If you s elect the device as a dimming switch and set the level to 10 it will play chime 1, 20 will play chime 2, etc.

Thanks. it works.