Siren/Alarm/Smart speaker?

The last topics i found were from 2017-2019… so i made a new topic.

I am looking at adding an acoustic alarm to my smarthome. I have already seen some options: the Aoetec Siren 5/6 and some smart speakers from samsung/Sonos.

Is there any other devices anno 2022 that i should take a look at; that work with smartthings?

The usecase is: Doorbell, Alarm, Notification sounds
And if possible: Spoken notifications for example “Hey; the back door has been opened for 20 minutes now… you might wanna take a look” (If it’s <15c outside for example).

Is a smart speaker still the way to go (Sonos for example) in combination with a Siren 6? Or are there other ways.

I’m using Amazon Echo Dot but biggest minus is it is not run locally. I’ve set few routines to told me when washing machine is finished or if freezer door has been left open. I could use it as a doorbell too but I haven’t tried it.

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So buying an Amazon Echo Dot only for the purpose of being a speaker… would be a good idea?
Only big downside is not being local… so if internet cuts out the “Alarm” is gone.

Because i already have Google in multiple rooms as voice assistant to turn lights on/off and windows open/closed.

So for the voice notification part the Echo Dot would be good.

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Well, if you already are using Google then sticking with their products could be better option. I bought Echo Dot purely on experimental purposes. I just wanted to see what can be done with it. :smile:

The biggest difference between Google and Alexa devices are that Google cannot create routines based on events while Alexa can.

Here are some links thar might be helpful.

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