Have Amazon Echo Sound When Intruder Is Present

Is there a way to set it up so that an Amazon Echo would “start talking” if a door or window was opened while the system was set to arm so that it would “surprise” an intruder? We did purchase the Fortrezz Siren as well and are working on setting that up. I just think it would be neat to have the Amazon Echo also sound some noise like a dog barking or just start talking as well. Would really add to the effect of an intruder was present.


Not at this time. A more thorough explanation is in the thread below.

Thanks for this! Much appreciated.

Here is what I’m currently using, with bluetooth audio to my echo’s

I have also used vlc thing, with bluetooth audio to my echo’s

Thanks for the info! I have a Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Would your solutions work with those?

VLC thing will work on a Mac. That is exactly how I did it. The only reason I am testing the other solution is it won’t require my mac to run 24/7