Singles Day Deals (11 November 2020, Chinese time)

Singles day is a big holiday in China for people to buy things for themselves. :sunglasses: :beer:

Some device manufacturers with international sales will offer deals on this day. So here’s a thread for that. Most of the deals will be good for two or three days at least, some are good for a week. But somewhere only be good for a few hours and most manufacturers will base “singles day” on Chinese time, not local time.

Alibaba, banggood, and gearbest should all have lots of sales.

Big numbers: In 2018, Black Friday sales amounted to $6.2 billion, Cyber Monday sales hit $7.9 billion and shoppers spent roughly $4.2 billion on Amazon Prime Day—but even combined, none of those come close to the $30 billion in gross merchandise value during Alibaba’s Singles’ Day, according to Adobe Analytics.”


Flic has a singles day sale with 30 to 35% off their bundles.

Flics are small rubbery Battery operated Bluetooth buttons (About the size of a US quarter but thicker) That support press, double press, and long press. So three functions per button.

They communicate with a phone or with their own little hub.

There’s no direct smartthings integration, but they do have a good IFTTT channel.

They used to come in a bunch of different colors, but now they are all plain white with the flic logo and you can buy a pack of Icon stickers If you want to differentiate them.


There’s no question that these are expensive even when on sale, but they solve a particular problem very well and they are well engineered. I’ve had some for several years now. I like them, although I’m always looking for something less expensive. :wink:

Now that they have their own hub, they are promising HomeKit integration by the end of the year, but who knows if that will actually happen. It would be nice if it does, of course.

Anyway, their usual sales are 20 to 25%, so this is a better sale than usual for them. Again, not cheap, but nice.

Here are some first generation pictures so you can see the size. The yellow one on the TV stand is at my house: it’s at knee height for me (I use a wheelchair) or nose height for my dog and has worked well for us.

The current generation only comes in white and is a little flatter looking.

In my house, they would become cat toys :slight_smile:


They have an adhesive back so my cat doesn’t try to play with them, they don’t skitter.

My dogs always liked them because they are softer on the nose than most of the other buttons. :dog:

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Lenovo has laptop and gaming deals:

Gearbest is running a bunch of different flash sales, spin the wheel coupons, all kinds of stuff. Check returns policies carefully, but I’ve generally had good experiences buying from them. You can also stack some of their coupons.

Also note that on the English language version of their site, gearbest has renamed “singles day“ to “geek day.“ LOL! :smile:

My cat would enjoy the challenge. She’ll unstick it for sure. Then months later I will find it hidden somewhere… under the couch, between the cushions…