Single Motion Sensor - Turn light on/off?

I got a Smarting hub for Christmas and have played with it since then. For my first automation I am trying to get the bathroom light to turn on.
What I am trying to do …
I have a motion sensor in our Master Bedroom hall. When it is triggered between certain hours (during the night), I want the bathroom light to go on. When I go back to bed (going past the sensor a second time) it will turn the light off.
summarized - I am trying to get a single motion sensor to turn light on if off and if off turn it on.

Any help?

You could use routines for that.

At the bottom of the Smartthings ST app it says automations, click that. Then at the top it will say Routines. In the gear icon for each routine is the settings. Go down to addtional settings, then to things start happening then select the motion sensor.

Thanx for suggestion but not sure this will work. I am interested in turning a light on - if it is off, and - off if it is on - using one motion sensor. The way I tried to program, I think put me into a race situation with the on/off light position.

I’m not sure if Smart Lighting can do it.
Personally I use CoRE for everything and it can certainly be done with that.
For Smart Lighting go to:-
Marketplace -> SmartApps Tab -> Lights and Switches and you should find Smart Lighting.

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Look at the routines. It will work and is easy to set up. CoRE will work but is more overwhelming for a new user.

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I just tried to create this in routines. Seems Routines have been slimmed down with less options or I’m remembering it differently.

Like the others have said CoRE is now your best option.


Have you tried any of the SmartApps yet? There is one called My Light Toggle.

Hit the Automation button in the SmartThings app…and select the SmartApps button towards the top of the screen. Hit the + button to add a SmartApp and look under Lights & Switches for My Light Toggle. It should do what you want.

Let me know if this works for you. Seems like one that might make the wife happy!!


Like stated above, unless your the only person living in the house I can’t seen this working well. It will be going on and off for no reason or when you don’t want it to You really need a motion sensor in the bathroom with it turning off after x minutes. This works well and I have it 4 rooms.

I do something similar to this, I found (as others have suggested) it worked better with a second motion sensor in the bathroom. It did work with just the hallway and a longer time limit. Just works better and more reliable and less chance of the light going off on you while your in the bathroom.

I also used CORE to control mine.

I’m not sure if you need the cancel on piston change. I have other pistons that do basicly the same type of control that don’t use the cancel command.

Also you can restrict it to when your typically asleep so it’s only a night light. I have mine set to sunset and sunrise and never went back and and adjusted it to a narrower time limit. We don’t see alot of traffic in the upstairs hallway so the minute or less that it’s on at 20% doesn’t bother me.

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Thanks Patrick…

Thank you Patrick. It works well but i was wondering if there is a way to shorten the motion sensor checkInterval so it resets to “no motion” quicker?

Depending on the brand of motion sensor you have, there might be a switch inside or near where the battery goes to select the refresh time. Mine is selectable from 4 minutes to a few seconds (no intervals in between however).

I have mine set to 4 minutes. Once it detects motions it takes 4 minutes of no motion to reset and show in ST.