WIFI Presence


I have been using my iPhone as a presence sensor and it is killing my battery. Not pleased with the Geo-Fencing tracking my GPS all the time in order to make my automation work. I found the discussions about home-assistant and its a bit beyond me. I am sure I could get it working if I spent hours and hours reading about python script but I’d prefer not to. Is there an easier way to pull this off? Or is anyone out there willing to make a walk through on how to set this up for a lay person?

Thanks! This is my first post and I only 48 hours into my Smartthings hub, so I appreciate all the help you can offer (as a community)


Are you leaving the GPS turned on? You should not need to.

(Marc) #3

You can buy presence tags for $30 each to avoid using your phone. However, they don’t work as quickly as mobile presence if your using them for garage door or door lock activities.


Maybe not GPS but definitely location services is on all the time now, and Smartthings is using 22% of my phones battery.

I have a presence sensor, but just wasn’t liking the idea of one more thing on my massive keychain.

It seems to me that everyone in the family has a phone, and I can easily see when people are here or not on the router, smartthings should be able to see that too somehow, I’d hope

(Joel) #5

why smartthings can’t use wifi connected state as presence baffles me.