Simulated Heater needed

Is there anybody who is able to make an app device for a heater. I need a device which can be controled switch on/off and level in range of 5 to 30 degrees Celsius
like this:


You can do this with Automations

Or you are looking for something like this

Thanks for the answer but I want to be able to run the deice manually with a smartthings app/device

Yes, that is what that SmartApp does. It creates virtual Thermostat that controls specific smart outlet on/off baded on the temperature measurement from sensor. See below.

Also, if you are using @RBoy apps, he has what you need, and i am hoping that he will convert all his groovy apps.

Thanks for all the information.
I finaly managed to get it work, not as proposed but with webcore.
I overlooked the possibillities of using values of states etc.

As I was cautious, and did not want to recommend any of those apps, as they are groovy based, it should stay the same for webcore. It is groovy based and it will go away.
Some new, permanent solution is needed

the best option would be an api webrequest directly to the source

I can now control the device with smartthings thru the device handlers which control setting value “heat” or “Off” and can control temperature degrees celsius with "+"and “-” setting heatpont with the help of piston. But I have one problem left with Logitech Harmony remote control. The divice is recognized by Harmony but when I set it on “heat” it does not control the device. For as far I understand does Harmony only can control On/Off and level control.
Is it possible to change devive handler code zand get this working ?

It is still a virtual device