Looking for way to use simulated thermostat with external sensor to control switch

There’s a bunch of smartapps either in the marketplace or community that try to do this, but none are complete in my opinion. In my home the beat is controlled with dual knobs on the baseboard heaters and air conditioning is through window units so I can’t use a smart thermostat. What I’m looking for is to use a simulated thermostat that can be controlled via Alexa (change setpoints and turn up/down) and read by Alexa as well (read out thermostat temperature). The temperature and humidity levels would be supplied by an external sensor ( I’m using Aeotec Multisensor 6).

I’ve tried accomplishing this through webCoRE but the temperature readings on the thermostat don’t keep up with the multisensor for some reason. Here’s a link to my webCoRE thread…

There was also a post about someone doing something very similar to this but it’s got some issues and only works for heating, but still that smartapp creates a simulated thermostat which uses external temperature sensor and controls a switch.

If anyone knows of anything or has the skills to do this please let me know as I’m at a loss. Thanks!

If you have issues with a community created smartapp then the best place to post is in the author’s thread.
The creator of the app is best placed to help you.
Also most authors are open to ideas on how to make their app better. Many (if asked nicely) are open to suggestions (e.g add cooling to a heating app)