Multipurpose sensors with Alexa


I couldn’t find a definitive answer on this one…

I integrated my Smartthings with Alexa recently and found the multi-purpose sensor does not come through. I was wanting to be able to ask Alexa for temperature info from the multi-purpose sensor.

Any ideas?


(Jimmy) #2

Can’t do it out of the box. Ask Alexa can do it.

(Ron Talley) #3

I use this app. You basically tie the sensor to the Virtual Thermostat and then enable the Virtual Thermostat in the Alexa App. From there, you can ask what the temperature is. Pretty simple.


Hi, I created a “virtual thermostat by Smartthings” with the ‘built in’ SmartApp (under “Climate control”) within the Smartthings app. I used a Multipurpose sensor as the temperature device. Once i had created it I tried to let Alexa know about it through the Alex smartapp within Smartthings. It does not show up as an option under Thermostats. Any ideas?