Simulated Alexa Switch Auto Turn Off

I can’t be sure this hasn’t been noticed before but I havent found it with Google.

If you use Simulated Alexa Switch DTH to trigger an action on Alexa Echo, you can automatically reset the Simulated Alexa Switch back to the “off” state after use (instead of using a second Automation) using this config sequence:-

1/. Create a ST device in IDE with type = Virtual Switch
2/. Create your ST Automations. The option to auto turnoff after 10 sec (or other duration) will be offered. Select the delay you require.
3/. Using IDE change the device type to Simulated Alexa Switch (auto turn off setting in Automation is retained)
4/. Discover the new switch on Alexa
5/. Create your Alexa Routine
6/. Test

Provides a neater setup !

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