Simulated Echo Switch and Home monitor

I have created a Simulated Echo Switch in ST called “Alarm”, and an automation that IF “Opened” or “On”, THEN sets the ST Home Monitor to “Armed-Stay”. The opposite for “closed” and “Off”, with set THEN to “Disarmed.” I then set up 2-routines in ALexa called “Alarm-on” and Alrm-off".

The Alexa commands are changing the status of the Simulated Switch to “On” or Off", but yet still the Home Monitor status isn’t changing. in fact, the home monitor status wont change even when I manually turn the SES on or Off in ST. Am I missing something?

Until the automation works properly Alexa cannot make it work.

You shouldn’t need both open and on and the same with closed and off. (that particular DTH was built to allow throwing a switch to be detected by Alexa so internally it syncs on to open and off to closed, youll never need to trigger on open or closed from that device on the ST side) Try pulling the open and close out of the automation and then see if the automation works.

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