What type of Simulated Device Should I Use for Amazon Echo Integration

Is there a Simulated Device that I can use that acts as a button rather than a switch?
I would like to tie it in with the Amazon Echo on IFTTT so that I can send an http post request via the maker channel.
I would like for the switch to remain off but allow me to say ‘Alexa Turn Switch On’ so it can act as a momentary switch.

Any thoughts on what type of virtual device will work?

I believe Alexa native smart home only understands on & off switches, not Momentary Buttons.

But I also believe that the simulated Momentary DTH code can or does just execute an On followed by an Off. There should be no need for a delay, as the On() Event is all that is needed to trigger a SmartApp… Then again, Alexa might not consider the Command to be successful if it checks the state and finds it is already Off immediately.

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The “Momentary Button Tile” works just fine with Alexa, this is how we used to do harmony activities before the official integrations got better. :sunglasses:

This device type is generally off. When you tell Alexa to turn it on it will turn on briefly and then turn itself off again. That leaves it ready for the next time you want to use it.

Here’s a screenshot of the Alexa smart app in the SmartThings mobile app showing that I have selected “alpha” which is a momentary button tile.

Then I did the discovery, and then it shows up in my Alexa app as a “SmartThings device.”

Once it’s there, you can just tell echo to “turn on Alpha” and the button will be pushed.

It will immediately go back to its “off” state so it’s ready for the next time.

For this device class, do not attach any activity to the “off” state, because the button goes on and then off every time you push it.