How to set up a virtual 3 way between 2 master switches?

I have a 2nd floor chandelier wired to a 2nd floor switch. I want to have a switch on the first floor that acts as a 3 way switch with the chandelier and the 2nd floor switch, but I cannot run wire from the 1st floor switch to the second floor without wrecking old plaster and tongue and groove flooring. So it seems a virtual 3 way switch will fulfill my requirements. My primary goal is the be able to use the physical toggle switch on the 1st floor switch to turn the chandelier on/off. A secondary goal is to be able to dim the lights from either physical switch. A third goal is to be able to turn the chandelier on/off or dim from the Smartthings App.

I have installed a Smarthings Hub (IM6001-V3P01) on my router. I installed a GE In-Wall Wireless (z-wave) Smart Dimmer as the 2nd floor switch and a second GE In-Wall Wireless Smart Dimmer as the 1st floor switch. I loaded the Smartthings App on my Android phone, and added the Hub and both GE switches as devices on the App.

The 2nd floor switch successfully controls the chandelier, turning it off and on, both on the physical toggle switch and on the App. Toggling the 1st floor switch either physically or on the App does not work: no change to chandelier.

Please help me with suggestions how to get 1st floor switch to work correctly. I don’t understand how to create a scene and/or an automation that sets up the virtual 3 way switch - perhaps all I need is some specific instructions on scenes and automations?

I assume you have the downstairs switch wired up with no load attached. You can use SmartLighting for this by creating two automations:

  1. Control Switch 1, Mirror Behavior, Mirror Switch 2.
  2. Control Switch 2, Mirror Behavior, Mirror Switch 1.

This means that if you turn on switch 1, switch 2 also turns on, and vice versa; I believe it will also mirror dim levels but I’ve never tried that, maybe someone else can confirm.

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That would work even if there is a load on the downstairs switch, correct? It would, of course, control whatever load the downstairs switch controls in parallel.

I’m curious if the mirroring method extends to three switches, all with loads, that I’d like to control together. Can I set up three mirror rules in Smart Lighting, one for each switch with each rule mirroring the other two switches?