Simple motions sensor -> turn on light

I feel like I must be stupid. I just got an Ecolink motion detector and I simply want it to turn on a light when it senses motion, and turn back off after x number of minutes.

In Hello, Home, I only see the option of turning on/off when something opens/closes. There is no motion detection option.

Do I need to install an app? (I think I can handle that)… and if so… where is the code for a simple app that will do this?

Thanks for patience with noobs!


Hello home should do it. Whatever you want to turn on/off needs to be in the Lights/Switches part of the dashboard.

On the dashboard, Lights & Switches. Then push the gear icon in the upper right corner. Choose the light and you’ll get options like “Turn on when there is motion” and more.

Ok… that’s the trick. The light was not copied into Lights/Switches, and that was not the obvious place to create the action.

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I have the same issue. I added a SmartPower outlet, but after adding it there is no Lights/Switches group on the dashboard. It appears in the Things view, and I can control it, but there is no Lights/Switches group. How do I create one, and then add this outlet to the group?


I also have no lights and switches group. How do I set that up?

This FAQ may help you.

I just went through this with a few motion sensors. The option for a Smartapp is offered at initial setup of the motion sensor, but not quite as intuitive to find when adding on afterwards. Look under “Actions” , “Lighting”, then find the “Turn on when there is motion” smartapp.

Configuring / Editing can be performed from the “Things” tile by selecting the gear, then smartapp as mentioned above.

There’s a little more to it than that. There is an option under hello home actions to control a light from a motion sensor, but you have to also be changing the mode or the option doesn’t even appear. However, the good thing is that from a hello home action, you can control events for devices from different device classes all off the same motion sensor trigger. See:

And this topic lists some of the differences between using a shortcut group or using a hello home action: