Light on/off upon motion detection?

(Eric Wright) #1

I’ve been trying to figure this out for hours, and can’t figure it out for the life of me.

I have a motion detector in my hallway, I want the hallway light (philips hue) to turn on when motion is detected, and turn off when motion is not detected.

In IFTTT, i can turn the light on, but I can’t turn it back off when motion is ‘not detected’.

Any help here?

(Eric Wright) #2

I have no idea where this post should go and thought this would be the most correct place but it looks like I’m wrong. i’m going to flag it, can someone move it to the right location please?

(April Wong) #3

you’re actually close. :slight_smile: Just moved you back to the parent category

(Eric Wright) #4

Neverrmind, i figured it out. That was a little hidden there. Any way we can make this feature linked to the motion sensor itself?


This is one of the glaring problems with Smart Things and the Smart Things app… it’s very unintuitive and poorly organized.

You need to go into the “add device” section of the Smart Things app (the big + sign at the bottom) and swipe over to “Actions” and then “Lighting” then pick “turn on when there is motion”.

As I said, very unintuitive. I’m a software designer and tech junkie and I’ve spent tons of time trying to figure this out myself. Hoping that we’ll see major improvements in the UI soon as right now it’s turning a lot of people away.


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