Turning light on with motion only after sunset

I have a couple of Samsung motion sensors.
One in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.
In SmartThings I am using the Smart Lighting SmartApp to control the lights.
Both are set to turn on the respective light if motion is detected.
Then turn off after a period of 1 minute with no motion.
All working really well.
The bathroom has no window, The kitchen does have a large window.
So, for the kitchen light, in the Smart Lighting App I set the ‘More options’ to only turn the light on during certain times and have this set to ‘Sunset to Sunrise’.
But the kitchen light turns on regardless of this setting. It is just after 10:30am now and the light turned on when I entered the kitchen.

Does anyone know where I am going wrong?

I did read that webcore might help but I got lost installing that sometime after verifying it on github?

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In the ST app on the main page, click the three dots in the upper right of the screen and select Manage Home. Check that you have set the geolocation. If geolocation is set, option two is to login to IDE at https://account.smartthings.com, click on My Hubs then click on your Home location listed and check that the sunrise/sunset/timezone show the correct info. If not, report back


Geolocation for ‘My Home’ in ST app is set to my street. Cannot pick the exact house number as it will not let me (it is 5 doors away). Street has 50 addresses but no matter where I move only about 4 addresses can be selected.

In the IDE I cannot find any where that it mentions sunrise/sunset. I do see under ‘My Home’ a Time Zone that is Europe/London and there are some coordinates. If I put them into Google maps it is looking at my house.

Time now 13:40 and still turning light on.

Delete your automation and check is it still turns on. You might have set it two times.

Deleted it. Recreated it with just motion. Tested OK.
Set specific time to turn on and off with the motion and tested OK.
Used sunrise and sunset with motion and comes on regardless.
Going to try adding some offsets in 60 minute increments to see if this changes anything.

For what it’s worth, I do this exact thing using the Smart Lighting SmartApp and it works just fine.

Smart Lighting is available in both the new and classic apps. Regardless of the app, the same backend is being used so you can edit in either app with no issues

Let’s check one more thing please. Login to IDE once more, click on My Locations in the menu and then click on Smartapps under Installed SmartApps on that page. At the very top of that page, do you see a Hello Home Section with Solutions section below it or do you only see the Solutions section at the top?

If you do have the Hello Home, do you see Weather Station listed?

I meant delete it, and check that the light is not triggered anymore. If you have a duplicate, than that will trigger it regardless of sunrise or sunset.

I do not see any solutions mentioned at all. Am I in the right place?
I am wondering if my IDE is wrong?

I can confirm that if I delete it then nothing happens at all :slight_smile:

Ok, I recommend you open a support ticket and request that they add the Hello Home section and weather station for you. Once they do that, you will see your sunset/sunrise that I mentioned in the earlier post. Then your smart lighting will work with sunset/sunrise.

It is possible, depending on how many smart lighting rules you have, that you can remove the entire smart lighting app and reinstall it to see if it restores the Hello Home section. Not sure it will. Best course is to contact ST support through the ST app. To do that, click on the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) and select Help. Or call and speak directly with a support tech if that is an option in your region. Calling is generally faster.

I’ll tag @Brad_ST but with the Holidays not sure if he is around or when he might be able to offer assistance.

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Thanks again, I only had the two rules (only just started with all this) so deleted them and removed the Smart Lighting App. Installed it again and added the two rules back in but still see no sign of the Hello Home section.
I will contact support and see if they can do as you suggest :slight_smile:

Logged a ticket but I had a light showing as offline in ST so I deleted it in Globe Suite and re-added. Still no good. Deleted all devices form GS and re-added. Deleted all from ST and deleted link to GS. Add link back to GS in ST and no lights found. Think I am done with ST. Nothing Smart about it. Will have on last go at getting all the lights working in ST and then see if they can fix the sunrise/ sunset thing. If not I am returning the hub and sensors back to Samsung and I will go back to just GS and Alexa and forget about ST and automation.

Try to do this through an Automation and not through the Smart Lighting. It should work without the Hello Home and Weather Station. It should use a different logic.

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Thanks but I managed to get the Hello Home and Weather Station installed by installing the old ST app, logging into it and then back out and then uninstalling it.
I cannot test at the moment as all my lights are no longer in ST now, thanks to the bug with ST and Globe Suite these past couple of days. Hopefully they will fix it soon. Then I can test both methods :+1:

Hi, did you fix this? I am having exactly the same problem. The lights come on at Sunset for me without motion being detected and stay on until there is motion and then act as planned.

How are you automating this? Smart Lighting? New app Automations? WebCoRE?

I use the Smart Lighting SmartApp for some outside lights. They’re set to come on when motion detected but only between sunset and sunrise, then to turn off 10 minutes after motion ceases.

Works perfectly.

Smart Lighting. ST motion sensors and sengled bulbs.

Looks identical to mine. I’ve got ST motion detector controlling a Leviton smart switch. I know my lights don’t come on at sunset because I’d see that on the Nest camera

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