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Hi I’m new to this, I need to set up a lamp/ lamps in a rental so I can make the place look occupied when it’s empty. I don’t want to go with smart bulbs as they, if I’m correct, stop being smart if they are turned off… so basically looking for cheapest option. Are wall sockets the way to go? I pretty much want the tenants to be able to use the lamps normally, But I want the option to control them remotely too. Most of what I’ve seen on amazon and eBay mention Alexa, Google etc. but im not seeing any specific smartthings ones, other than actual samsung branded ones, usually in kits… which I should have bought in the first place!!
I’m fairly handy, so if maguyvering is required I should be ok… but straight out the box would be great.
Thanks in advance…

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Sockets will have the same problem as smart bulbs - if the tenants turn the lamp off at its switch, you won’t be able to turn the lamp back on via the socket. You could maybe get around this by having them use a button (see button FAQ linked in the lighting FAQ below) to turn the lamps on and off, but if there are any glitches they’ll find a workaround and you’ll be out of luck.

IMO the most reliable/foolproof way would be to replace the switch for an overhead fixture with a smart switch, but it’ll be more expensive and more work.

Here’s an FAQ that may be helpful:


Since you’re in the UK, there’s a nice option for plug-in table lights that allows you to have a Z wave control device on the cord, which makes it work pretty much like any other table lamp. It’s expensive, though.

I believe @RobinWinbourne has tried these and may have more to add.

There’s also a smart bulb which has a button on it for on/off so can solve the problem again for table lamps. I know some of our UK members have it, but I don’t know where they bought it. Here’s the US link.

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I like the swiidinter switches… I have two in the house I rent to tenants and I’ve specified 4 of them for the home I’m building for my mother.

They are not perfect though.

They have a slight buzz but only noticeable when right next to your head in bed… I’ve spoken to the manufacturer and they say this is normal.

Also, once I a while, one of my two switches hangs and needs to be unplugged and then plugged straight back in.

They have an unusual need for group 3 association so I wrote a device handler for them a while back. For some reason it’s not on my GitHub anymore (I was messing about with repository names / forks so must have deleted it)… will extract it from the IDE and re-post.


Thanks Mark that was very informative, some great ideas. Thanks for taking the time to post all that. I appreciate it.


These look great too. Almost foolproof?!


Robin these seem like a great idea, not sure about the buzz though?!

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My wife could never hear it… I’m ultra sensitive and having it on a bedside lamp didn’t help.

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