Alerting when a sensor becomes unavailable

(Andy Partridge) #1

Is it possible to alerting when a sensor becomes unavailable in the software?

The system doesn’t tell me and therefore I cant trust the system.

(Pier-Luc Boucher) #2

+1 for that

I would like to know when my camera get’s offline, since it’s part of my security system!

(jkp) #3

(Jimmy) #4

Device health is turned on by default and will provide a visual alert on your device list. Simple Device Viewer and linked above is good if you want a push notificaiton

(Pizzinini) #5

I use this one for all my devices:

(Andy Partridge) #6

Thanks for the information…

I have pasted both codes into the developer’s site and published but I am not seeing them on my Mobile App.

Used this as a guide

(Rkierstead8) #7

You probably weren’t on the right shard when you logged into the IDE>

Try this link: