Nonresponsive device notification?

(Erwenger) #1

Tried to write a piston that is essentially a pulse of my system. And when a device doesn’t respond, I want a txt message or app notification. But I’m having no luck. Any ideas? If anyone has this in core or webcore, pls share! Thx

(jkp) #2

you should check out the new webCore forums for ideas :slight_smile:

(jkp) #3


Simple device viewer is a smartapp that does this very well. So you might want to take a look at that. In particular notice that he is not polling the individual devices, which would have the potential to crater your system. Instead he is looking at the most recent log entries for each device. It’s a very popular smartapp for good reason. :sunglasses:

(JBrown) #5

I use Simply Device Viewer it woks very well.

(Erwenger) #6

Ok. Where do I find it??

(Erwenger) #7

Webcore is cool but…nearly impossible to use on my phone. Thx.


At the link I posted above: