Simple device virwer

I am using a version of the viewer but and several of my newer devices do not show in the viewer. How do I add the new devices?

Most if not all devices using Edge Drivers do not show up in Simple Device Viewer.

also, some of the capabilities in newer cloud-to-cloud connections that are not based on groovy will not be fully available to groovy smartapps

Several of my Sengled LED lights show but not all. Do I need to reload the viewer code?

New devices don’t appear automatically so have you gone into the device section of the settings and selected them?

In theory, if some of your lights are showing and they’re all using the same handler then you should be able to select them from the Lights dropdown.

That being said, what everyone else said is correct so if they’re not in the Lights list of the device settings then you won’t be able to add them to that SmartApp.

Thank you for your input. As I am not an expert in ST I am not sure exactly where to go to do what you propose from the ST app. All of the lights are already in my various room locations and they are the same Sengled signee lights I have in the other rooms. So I have them in ST and I can control them without problems for the most part. I just can’t get them to show up on the device handler.

Have you selected all the bulbs in the Smart App for simple device viewer?

Paul, I might be stupid or inexperienced but I am not sure where that is in the app. When I open the app I just get I just get the Favorites page with the tabs at the bottom and the+ sign and 3 dots top right.

Simple Device Viewer is a custom SmartApp that you would have had to manually install.

If that’s the SmartApp that you’re trying to add your light to then:

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Tap the “Automations” tab at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap “Simple Device Viewer”
  4. Tap “Choose Devices”
  5. Tap “Which Lights?”
  6. Select the lights that are missing