Simple 4-zone irrigation system using Qubino Flush 2 Relay

I’d like to build a simple 4-zone irrigation system using two Qubino ZMNHBD3 modules which operate at 24V.
Are they natively supported in the new SmartThings app by selecting “Z-Wave Multi Metering Switch” and “Child Metering Switch” device handles?
If not, are there other relatively inexpensive Z-Wave+/Zigbee 24V switches that are natively supported in the new ST app?

I understand your question, and I don’t have the right answer for it. But have you considered how an irrigation system works? Or you have just 4 valves and you want to turn them on.

I mean, in most irrigation systems there is a single water inlet and the zones are source from it. So to keep the pressure in control always only one zone can be active. It requires interlocking functionality to do not cause any incorrect operation. Except when you have a pump and zones, then the pump must be on and the active zone only. I hope you understand what I mean.

Otherwise there is a nice community project for ESP (wifi) based devices. ESP8266 Smart Sprinkler System

It is suddenly not fully supported in the new app, but works perfectly with the old one, and really you would probably set it up once. The rest of the work would be done by the SmartApp. (It has been recently updated and works now with the new TWC api.)

Practically yes. I just want to build a simple and foolproof system using these Zigbee moisture/temp sensor in every zone.
Then in the SmartThings new app I’d setup 4 simple automations:

if {(2:00 am) and (zone 1 moisture < X) and (zone 1 temp > 32F)} then {(turn on zone 1 pump) and (delay turn off zone 1 pump 10 minutes)}
if {(2:15 am) and (zone 2 moisture < X) and (zone 2 temp > 32F)} then {(turn on zone 2 pump) and (delay turn off zone 2 pump 10 minutes)}
if {(2:30 am) and (zone 3 moisture < X) and (zone 3 temp > 32F)} then {(turn on zone 3 pump) and (delay turn off zone 3 pump 10 minutes)}
if {(2:45 am) and (zone 4 moisture < X) and (zone 4 temp > 32F)} then {(turn on zone 4 pump) and (delay turn off zone 4 pump 10 minutes)}

And of course I can always manually override each zone from the ST app.

So I just need four 24V or dry contact switches that work with the new SmartThings app.
The Sonoff 4CH PRO R2 cost and functionality wise would be absolutely perfect for my application but, after reading horror stories about flashing firmwares and custom handlers that don’t work in the new app I’m not so sure anymore.