Zigbee Sprinkler Controller

(Larry Wells) #1

I just installed a new switch for my sprinklers; a Smartenit ZigBee HA 16-Zone Sprinkler Controller. I has switches for different zone, but currently the device type only lets me control the first zone switch. The default device type it is using is SmartPower Outlet V1. Is there a device type that can control different switches, or how can I change the default device type to control these other zones?

(John Rucker) #2

Take a look at this documentation and you will find the ZigBee commands to send the device on page 2:


Command 0x16 allows you to skip to the next valve. This is very doable with a custom SmartThings device type. Not a real big deal but its going to take some work. I bet someone has done it already.

(Larry Wells) #3

Thanks. I will try to do something myself. I am pretty new to this. I hope that I am able to do it.