Simon XT/Z-Wave integration?

Hi. New here. Been involved in data integration for longer than I want to admit. Age has caught up with my ability to stay current. Oh well, getting older is betterhan the other option…

I’ve got a security system using a Simon XT as the hub for window, door, and motion monitors. I purchased a 5 camera Blink set. SmartThings look to be their integration point.
Is there a middleware device…is middleware ever a thing anymore??? that will bring together the motion recognized by the Blink cameras to the Simon? How about push out other device calls to say a thermostat or other Zwave devices?

If not, is there an enterprising mind that would like to work on this?

The short answer is there is no short answer, and the long answer depends very much on the exact model of Simon XT controller that you have.

You can take a look at the project reports on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki for the security projects and you’ll see what some other people have done.

Just be aware that anything with the SmartThings thingshield device has to be done a different way now because that device was discontinued. But there are a lot of possibilities.

I’ve moved this thread to projects so that you can get an individualized responses based on your own needs and set up. People tend to come to this kind of integration with one of two perspectives:

  1. they already have a lot invested in existing sensors which are not able to be paired directly to the smartthings hub, and they want to be able to reuse those sensors but run the logic and rules from the SmartThings side or

  2. they still want to use their old security system as their primary security, but they want to add some additional integration while using SmartThings for their home automation. In this case, it’s sometimes just a matter of adding the ability to arm/disarm the security system from the SmartThings side, or it may go a little deeper.

The middleware, additional devices, and code required for those two options are very different, so if you can tell us a little bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish we might be able to help better. :sunglasses:

I’d imagine that you could use a custom relay setup like:


to send on/off to something like this:

But I HAVE NO IDEA how you would do it. But from my understanding, if it has an End Point then it can be sent out to a networked device.

I have the simon XT also, and would like to just be able to arm/disarm it using my smartthings hub, if any ideas for that could be added I would appreciate it!

Anyone know of a way to build a device handler for the Simon XT?I was able to add it to ST but there are no controls