"Kind of" alarm integration - Need Help

Need some help. I just recently started self monitoring my existing alarm system. The panel is a simon xt and it has been solid for a couple of years. I have the dealer code for the panel and have been able to set up my land line as call my cell phone when the alarm system is tripped. I then have a tasker profile (android) to send a text message to my family and turn on all the lights that are connected via smartthings. This only problem here is there is a 15 second delay from the time the alarm sounds until the call is made (setting in the panel…can’t go lower then 15 seconds). So, I was wondering, is there a device that I could hook up to the panels external alarm (of which I’m not using) that could provide me an alert via smartthings? From what I can tell, the alarm would put out 250ma when activated. So this device would need to be hardwired to my alarm and connected to my smartthings hub via zigbee or zwave. When power is sensed on this “said” device, it would trigger a rule to send me a text (this way I would get notification as it happened).

So, I’m not looking for integration in the sense that I want to control the alarm system from smartthings, but rather a notification that the alarm has gone off.

Does a device or means of what I’m looking to do exist?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

People have done something similar, usually with a Fortrezz Mimolite, although there are other ways as well. ( One problem is that many alarm systems actually have three states, not just on and off, so it may be trickier depending on the details.)

If you want to look at some project reports, there is a quick browse list for “security” under project reports in the community – created wiki.