Moving from a "dumb" smart system to a "smart" smart system, need some advice

Hi all,
So I got a Hubitat Elevation hub for Christmas, and am preparing to move to the next level of automation.

Currently, I have 3 WiFi based “smart” bulbs made by Geeni, and a single WiFi “smart” plug. These are controlled thru 2 Google Home Minis. I put smart in quotes because I know that these aren’t as functional or as good as the Z-Wave and other formats, but they’re what I had to start with, and I would like to integrate them for now and then eventually start upgrading the system now that I have a real hub.

But I don’t know where to start. I have the hub all set up and added the Google Home App for the Hubitat, but now I don’t know what to do next. It shows the Google Home in my list of Apps, but I have no idea what that actually means. Am I able to control my light bulbs with the Hubitat, using the Home as some kind of bridge, or are these bulbs just useless for now, and I’ll have to wait until I buy new ones to actually use the hub? Can I use all of the Google Home features thru the hub now that I have it added to the Hubitat?

I’m excited to start on this new journey, already having fun using the stuff just on the Home. I’m just a tad overwhelmed at the moment. I asked last summer about where to start and what hubs were really hubs, and which ones weren’t(Such as the Google Hub), and I got some great responses, so I’m looking forward to any advice folks can offer.

Thanks, and Merry Christmas! :smile: :santa:

Unfortunately, you are on the wrong forum. This is the SmartThings forum for the SmartThings hub. Since you purchased the hubitat hub, you should post your questions on their forum for better assistance.

Happy holidays!


Well, D’oh! I thought I’d posted to the ‘Other than SmartThings’ board, for stuff outside of the SmartThings world. Guess i screwed that up. Thanks!

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Nope. You posted in the “uncategorized” section of the SmartThings forum. That section Is for smartthings-related topics that don’t seem to have a place in the other subsections. It usually just means someone is unfamiliar with the forum category and the thread will eventually get moved to where it really belongs. But everything on this site is related to the Samsung SmartThings ™ Home automation platform. :sunglasses:

In your case, as @jkp mentioned, the folks over on the Hubitat site should be your best resource.

Have fun with your new system! “Smart” Smart systems are way more interesting than “dumb“ smart systems, for sure.