Should I join the ST universe?

That’s really weird. My routines have been 100% spot on. I don’t doubt people are having these issues, I see them all over the forums. What hub are you on ? My v2 has been pretty flawless since I got it a month ago, minus my phone getting stuck away at one point. Just had to re-add it though

I’ve seen a lot of posts advising users to avoid using the hour and half hour for firing things off.

mine is v1. I think if ST allowed Rule machine to run locally, maybe my routines will run when they’re supposed to.

I’ve read that too. Can everyone kindly change theirs so mine will run at 6:30? :wink:

In all seriousness though, sounds like the need an infrastructure upgrade on the cloud side.

1/29/16… another outage… my hub (v2) is offline and I can’t control anything. smh.